2019 Army Reserve Small Arms Championships

Submit a completed Registration Form to the Registration Officer:

Send from your mail.mil email address as this form contains Personally Identifiable Information. Teams must be submitted together and listed on the same form.

You will need all of the following files:

The Event Program covers event specifics. The Rulebook and Course of Fire Book contains general rules that apply to all USAR Competitive events and Postal Matches. Distribute the

Registration Form: Submit the completed .xlsx spreadsheet file as is. Do not print or convert to PDF.

2019 USAR Smallarms Championship Event Flyer – PDF

2019 USAR Smallarms Championship Event Flyer – JPEG for use on social media

2019 USAR Smallarms Championship Event Program

USARCMP Rulebook

USARCMP Course of Fire Book

These files can also be downloaded at the Team USAR.mil site

Rulebook and Course of Fire Book




Army Reserve Small Arms Championships

MSG Norm Anderson (4th BN ARCD) served as the NCOIC of All Rifle Matches conducted at the 2016 Army Reserve Small Arms Championships. He received a plaque and CSM of the Army Reserve coin from CSM Wills for his commitment and dedication to competitive marksmanship.

Expert or Expert? The two targets bracketing MSG Anderson demonstrates the difference.


More pictures: