National Match Video

SGT Robert Farrell of the USARCMP put this video together from 2018 National Matches


CMP National Match Air Rifle

The Civilian Marksmanship Program hosted their National Match Air Rifle event in conjunction with the National Matches. Conducted similarly to International matches, qualifying shooters made a shoot off with a sudden death finale.

Three shooters of the U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program made the shoot off and ultimately won the overall event. SSG Kris Friend, SGT Nick Mowrer, and SPC Bryant Wallizer made the final shoot off. SSG Friend and SGT Mowrer advanced, with SGT Mowrer winning the overall event.

SPC Bryant Wallizer, SGT Nick Mowrer, and SSG Kris Friend made the CMP National Match Air Rifle finals.

SGT Nick Mowrer won the CMP National Match Air Rifle finals.

National Matches – Rifle Wrap Up

National Trophy Individual
MSG Robert Mango 1st place (Daniel Boone Trophy)
Association of the US Army Trophy (high Army)
Citizens Soldier Trophy (high Reserve)
25th Infantry Division (high Infantry)


SGT Nickolaus Mowrer (2nd overall), CPT Samuel Freeman (5th), and SGT Joseph Hall (6th.)

Citizen Soldier Trophy for Reserve component military personnel
9 out of top ten
MSG Robert Mango
SGT Nickolaus Mowrer
CPT Samuel Freeman
SGT Joseph Hall
LTC Klawon
MSG Anderson, Norm
CSM Steven Slee
SFC Dorosheff 9
SFC Probst, Jacob 10
SFC Stauffer, Adam 11

Women’s Rifle Trophy
COL Denise Loring (USAR, ret.)

Hearst Trophy (high team in Hearst Doubles Team Match)
MSG Robert Mango and SFC Joel Micholick

Mountain Man Trophy (high individual aggregate of President’s 100, NTI, NTT) and Rattlesnake Trophy (high individual on an Army National Trophy Team) and
SGT Joseph Hall

National Trophy Team
National Trophy (first place team) and Hilton Trophy (high Reserve team)
Army Reserve Anderson

National Trophy Infantry Team
Celtic Chieftain Trophy (high Reserve Team)

National Trophy Team – Rifle (Individual)

While team matches are important, teams like to recognize outstanding individual performances. In winning the 2016 National Trophy Team matches, USARCMP also had the best individual shooter for NTT.

SGT Joseph Hall, firing member of Army Reserve Anderson won the Mountain Man Trophy (awarded for the high individual aggregate of President’s 100, NTI, NTT) and the Rattlesnake Trophy (high individual on an Army National Trophy Team.)


National Trophy Team – Rifle

Team matches are considered the most important competitive events, especially among shooters on military teams. The USARCMP won first place in the National Trophy Team Rifle match at the 2016 National Matches.

Army Reserve Anderson won the overall match with a score of 2957-111x, one point below the current national record. Coached by MSG Norman Anderson, the team won the National Trophy for finishing first overall and the Hilton Trophy for being the high Reserve team.

National Trophy Team champions: Army Reserve Anderson. Team Coach MSG Norman Anderson, CPT Samuel Freeman, SGT Nickolaus Mowrer, SGT Joseph Hall, SPC Trent Thomas, SFC Joel Micholick, MSG Robert Mango, Team Captain SGM James Mauer.

Hearst Doubles 2016

USARCMP shooters MSG Robert Mango and SFC Joel Micholick took first place in the Hearst Doubles at the 2016 National Matches and set a new National Record in the process. Shooting a team score of 597-24x out of a possible of 600 points, Mango and Micholick beat the previous record of 594-22x and won the William Randolph Hearst Trophy.

This two-person team match is pair fired (shooters alternate shots on a shared target) on the President’s 30-shot course of fire, a modified National Match Course for rifle, shot with no sighters. Firing is standing on the SR target at 200 yards, prone rapid at 300 yards on the SR-3, and 600 yard slow fire prone on the MR-1.



National Trophy Individual: Rifle 2016

The National Trophy Individual is the largest and most prestigious Service Rifle match in the United States and has been a critical component of the National Matches for decades.

The U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program was very well represented by its Service Rifle Team with a number of significant wins.

MSG Robert Mango secured first place overall in the NTI, winning the Daniel Boone Trophy. He also takes the Association of the US Army Trophy (high Army), Citizens Soldier Trophy (high Reserve), and 25th Infantry Division trophy (high Infantry). Sgt. Nickolaus Mowrer finished second. A total of four USARCMP members made the top ten with CPT Samuel Freeman and SGT Joseph Hall taking fifth and sixth, respectively.

The Citizen Soldier Trophy recognizes the top Reserve component military personnel competing in the NTI. USARCMP shooters took nine of the top ten there with Master Sgt. MSG Robert Mango, SGT Nickolaus Mowrer, CPT Samuel Freeman, SGT Joseph Hall, LTC Scott Klawon, MSG Norman Anderson, CSM Steven Slee, SFC Dorosheff, and SFC Jacob Probst. SFC Adam Stauffer, SFC John Arcularius, and SFC Spencer Manning rounded out 11th, 12th and 13th place, respectively.

Four USARCMP shooters made the top ten of the National Trophy Individual. From left, MSG Robert Mango was first place, winning the Daniel Boone Trophy, SGT Nickolaus Mowrer was second, followed by CPT Samuel Freeman and SGT Joseph Hall in fifth and sixth overall, respectively.