USAR shooter accomplishments at the Canadian Armed Forces Skill at Arms Concentration

Two-Gun Individual Aggregate
SSG Chris Allen was first place overall in the individual grand aggregate, securing the win against all competitors from all participating countries. MSG Lance Espinosa made the top ten in the overall individual agg.

SSG Chris Allen took first place in the grand individual aggregate.

MSG Espinosa

For individual rifle, SSG Chris Allen finished in the top ten overall in Match 11 and 17, and MAJ Conners finished in the top ten in Match 14.

For individual pistol, SSG Chris Allen was third in the overall aggregate and MSG Espinosa was fifth. Matches 21-23 were the precision events with MSG Espinosa taking third overall, SFC Buol in fourth, and LTC Klawon making the top ten. Matches 24-26 were the surprise courses in shoothouses. SSG Chris Allen finished second overall in this aggregate with SSG Chris Volmer taking third.

Team Events
USAR Blue took first place in the Falling Plates event and third place in Match 36.

Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Concentration Concludes

Complete USAR Results:

Two-Gun Aggregate, 2 USARCMP members in the top ten
Chris Allen 1st place Overall Champion
Espinosa, 10

Match 21, 3 USARCMP members in the top ten
Buol 1st
Klawon 5th
Espinosa 8th

Match 22, 3 USARCMP members in the top ten
Espinosa 3rd
Buol 4th
Klawon 7th

Match 21-23 aggregate, 3 USARCMP members in the top ten
Espinosa 3rd
Buol 4th
Klawon 8th

Match 24, 3 USARCMP members in the top ten
Chris Allen 1st
Volmer 2nd
Trimarco 9th

Match 25, 2 USARCMP members in the top ten
Chris Allen 5th
Volmer 6th

Match 26, 1 USARCMP member in the top ten
Chris Allen 3rd

Match 24-26 aggregate, 2 USARCMP members in the top ten
Chris Allen 2nd
Volmer 3rd

Pistol overall aggregate, 2 USARCMP members in the top ten
Chris Allen 3rd
Espinosa 5th

Match 11, 1 USARCMP member in the top ten
Chris Allen 8th

Match 14, 1 USARCMP member in the top ten
Conners 9th

Match 17, 1 USARCMP member in the top ten
Chris Allen 10th

Match 36, 2 USARCMP members in the top ten
Klawon 4th
Trimarco 7th

Match 36 Team
USAR Blue, 3rd place

Falling Plates, 1st place

NRA Long Range Nationals

CPT Samuel Freeman of the U.S. Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program won the Service Rifle Aggregate at the Long Range Nationals.

SFC Russ Theurer was second place in the Edward D. Andrus match. SGT Nick Mowrer took third in the Sierra Trophy match for the 1000 yard Palma rifle aggregate and MSG Mango took third in the Remington Trophy match.

NRA Service Rifle

U.S. Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program shooters made a clean sweep of the podium for the NRA High Power Nationals. Competing in the Service Rifle division, SGT Nickolaus Mowrer took first place Service Rifle with a new Army Reserve National Record of 2381-114x. He also finished 3rd in the overall aggregate among Match Rifle shooters. MSG Robert Mango took second place and SPC Bryant Wallizer took third.

For the overall, USARCMP shooters . power service rifle competitions, took 3rd.
The Army Reserve had an incredibly strong finish in the individual aggregate taking home a number of trophies and 1st,2nd,3rd,5th,6th,& 7th place Service Rifle.
Congratulations and good luck to our shooters as they start NRA Long Range competition today.

NRA Rifle Nationals, Service Rifle
SGT Nickolaus Mowrer (new Army Reserve National Record of 2381-114x) 1st place Service Rifle
MSG Robert Mango 2nd, SPC Bryant Wallizer 3rd, CPT Samuel Freeman 5th, SFC Joel Micholick 6th, SSG Kris Friend 7th, and CSM Steven Slee 11th.

The Vandenberg Cup is presented to the winner of an aggregate of the scores fired in the Members’ Trophy, Scott Trophy, Coast Artillery Trophy and Army Cup Matches.
SGT Mowrer won the Vandenberg Cup with SPC Wallizer taking 3rd and MSG Mango taking 5th.

MSG Mango won the Scott Trophy for winning the 200 yard rapid fire stage.

SFC Micholick was second and SSG Friend was third in the Marine Corps Cup match (300 yard rapid)

SGT Mowrer won the Appreciations Cup match and Members’ Trophy and took second in the Erdman Trophy match.

CSM Slee won the Coast Guard Trophy match.

For team events, Army Reserve Anderson took second the Enlisted Men’s Trophy Team match. With MSG Norman Anderson as Team Coach and SGM James Mauer as Team Captain, CPT Freeman, MSG Mango, SFC Micholick, and SSG Friend fired the team-winning score.

MSG Mango, SGT Mowrer, and SPC Wallizer won the NRA High Power Service Rifle Nationals.

CMP National Match Air Rifle

The Civilian Marksmanship Program hosted their National Match Air Rifle event in conjunction with the National Matches. Conducted similarly to International matches, qualifying shooters made a shoot off with a sudden death finale.

Three shooters of the U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program made the shoot off and ultimately won the overall event. SSG Kris Friend, SGT Nick Mowrer, and SPC Bryant Wallizer made the final shoot off. SSG Friend and SGT Mowrer advanced, with SGT Mowrer winning the overall event.

SPC Bryant Wallizer, SGT Nick Mowrer, and SSG Kris Friend made the CMP National Match Air Rifle finals.

SGT Nick Mowrer won the CMP National Match Air Rifle finals.

Bluegrass Shotgun Championship – 2016

Held at the Bluegrass Sportsman’s League in Wilmore, KY, Three USAR Soldiers from 2100 MIG, WPAFB, OH MAJ Luke Gosnell, MSG Michael Bass, and MAJ Brian Graves all competed in the 1-day match consisting of 10 stages, using combinations of buckshot, slugs and birdshot rounds on falling steel, aerial launched clays pigeons and slug gongs. The competition drew competitors from across the country to include Canada and Brazil.

MAJ Gosnell Placed 12th overall across pump, semi-auto and open divisions and high military honors beating out members from USMC Reserve Combat team and USAF Action shooting team.

Recruiting Impact:
The contact with competitors, facilitators and spectators in shooting sports is making known USAR’s participation outside of the traditional service marksmanship sports.

Personal contact with young competitors and word of mouth has enormous potential for recruiting. With the match locations close proximity of Fort Knox and Ft. Campbell, the event drew several service members from each location. Recommend the team contacts USAREC for sponsorship and promotion via prize table “swag” and banners and next years event. Luke met with MAJ John Cowen, a 3-Gun competitor at this event assigned to Cadet Command who will try to assist with this.

USAR Soldiers interested in trying action shotgun, USPSA, and 3-Gun can contact MAJ Luke Gosnell at

National Matches – Rifle Wrap Up

National Trophy Individual
MSG Robert Mango 1st place (Daniel Boone Trophy)
Association of the US Army Trophy (high Army)
Citizens Soldier Trophy (high Reserve)
25th Infantry Division (high Infantry)


SGT Nickolaus Mowrer (2nd overall), CPT Samuel Freeman (5th), and SGT Joseph Hall (6th.)

Citizen Soldier Trophy for Reserve component military personnel
9 out of top ten
MSG Robert Mango
SGT Nickolaus Mowrer
CPT Samuel Freeman
SGT Joseph Hall
LTC Klawon
MSG Anderson, Norm
CSM Steven Slee
SFC Dorosheff 9
SFC Probst, Jacob 10
SFC Stauffer, Adam 11

Women’s Rifle Trophy
COL Denise Loring (USAR, ret.)

Hearst Trophy (high team in Hearst Doubles Team Match)
MSG Robert Mango and SFC Joel Micholick

Mountain Man Trophy (high individual aggregate of President’s 100, NTI, NTT) and Rattlesnake Trophy (high individual on an Army National Trophy Team) and
SGT Joseph Hall

National Trophy Team
National Trophy (first place team) and Hilton Trophy (high Reserve team)
Army Reserve Anderson

National Trophy Infantry Team
Celtic Chieftain Trophy (high Reserve Team)