2017 Rifle President’s Hundred

At the CMP Nationals (Rifle), for the President’s Trophy Rifle match the USARCMP had 13 team members place in the President’s Hundred, including SFC Probst who received his tab for the first time.

The USARCMP had 2 team members, SSG Morris and MAJ Freeman, compete in the top 20 shoot-off.

MAJ Freeman finished 4th overall out of the 1107 competitors.

Congratulations to all of our shooters and good luck tomorrow in the National Trophy match.
Shoot Like A Legend!

MAJ Freeman’s shoot-off target below

MAJ Freeman's Prez 100 shoot-off target

USAR 2017 Small Arms Championships



Download match program: 201708-All-Reserve-Championship-McCoy

2017 Buckeye Blast – Ohio State USPSA Championship

MAJ Luke Gosnell (2100 MIG S3, AGR) competed in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Ohio State Championship this past Memorial Day weekend, marking the first time USARCMP has participated in a level II USPSA match. 312 competitors came from all over the Midwest to test their skills in 12 challenging stages. Luke competed in the newly formed pistol caliber carbine division taking 4th place overall in the division, 1st place B-Class and high military honors.


Shooting fast and accurate under the pressures of competition and the timer translate into real-world practical training. Within the action shooting sports there are various gun-handling skills woven into scenarios such as shooting on the move, reloading, weak-hand/strong-hand shooting, transition from one shooting position to another, and engaging threat targets from cover to name a few.

Army Reserve participation for the first time in a USPSA championship demonstrates that the USAR takes marksmanship training seriously through safe firearms manipulation, strong character traits of personal responsibility and sportsmanship. Direct contact with young competitors and word of mouth has enormous potential for recruiting.

Buckeyeblast storboard picture

Photo Credit: Mike Zupancic

Event Media Outputs below.

USPSA Jul/Aug 2017 Magazine, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook,Buckeye Blast Homepage

MAJ Gosnell top Semi-Pro at 2017 Midwest Championship

USAR CMP Team Member MAJ Luke Gosnell had a strong showing and placed 1st as a Semi-Pro in the 2017 3-Gun Nation Mid-West Regional Championship on April 9th in the popular practical (scope) division. He is now nationally ranked #4 in the 3-Gun Nation semi-pro regional series.

Events like these test combat marksmanship and readiness that cannot be achieved from shooting paper targets from a linear or square range. Participation in these events allows Soldiers network, exchange skillsets and then take the knowledge gained back to their home units and disseminate the skills down as a force multiplier.

New - Midwest Regional

2017 Mississippi State 2-Gun Championship

2017 Mississippi State 2-Gun Championship

Congratulations to Combat Team member Major Luke Gosnell for his performance at the 2017 Mississippi State 2-Gun Championship.


Examples of USAR sportsmanship and methods of training is winning its place among the leading marksmen of the nation.

Soldiers interested in joining the U.S. Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program (USAR CMP) are encouraged to find out more online at https://armyreservemarksman.info or on social media at https://www.facebook.com/USARCMP.