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New Army Marksmanship Video Series: A complete series on current U.S. Army Standards.

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U.S. Law and Marksmanship

TV interviews with marksmanship team members, with an overview of competitive shooting events.

USAR Marksmanship Team TV Interviews

Einstellung Effect, the Growth Mindset, and their effect on training.

The Making of a Shooter: Classic American shooting disciplines applicable for learning today.

Shooting skill levels. How do marksmanship skills tested in military and law enforcement qualifications compare?

Historical USMC Marksmanship demo: Overview of basic U.S. Marine Corps marksmanship and how it used to be taught.

Red Dot Sights: How-to on red dot/reflex sights such as the M68 CCO

Army Rifle Marksmanship (1971)

Field Shooting Accuracy Study

1960s US Army Trainfire marksmanship demo. Come for the history, stay for the psychedelic music.

Captain Horace Wayman Bivins: America’s first Double Distinguished marksman.

Original U.S. Army Trainfire video

Historical Sniper Video

History of firearm availability in the U.S.: Part 1

History of firearm availability in the U.S.: Part 2

Leadership on Combat Readiness

Combat Readiness via Surprise Matches . Learn from Soldiers discussing the effect competitive shooting and surprise matches have on training and combat readiness.

Connors on Combat : Shooting team experiences overseas

Old West Marksmanship and book download

Most popular 2022 article: Machine Gun Marksmanship and Gunnery

History of Ballistics Fundamentals

Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) example

Video: Service Conditions: USAR Small Arms Championship example

High Power Rapid Fire demonstration

MilSuite MilBook for Small Arms Master Gunner: