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U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program Public Affairs contacts -at-

If you have details about a marksmanship event in the Army Reserve, use this form to submit pertinent information:

USARCMP Public Affairs form

Public Affairs Tips

  • Public Affairs people need detailed information on our events. Keep in mind that most of the PAOs and the readers don’t have a clue of what goes on at our competitions or what useful marksmanship training entails. Be very specific.
  • Let the quotes tell the story. It keeps the reader interested.
  • Digital pictures need to be high resolution, 300 DPI minimum. Use the maximum resolution setting on your camera.
  • Use first and last name with rank and the unit they belong to.
  • Remember to answer the who, what, when, where, and how.
  • Quotes, quotes, quotes. Cannot stress this enough. Make these articles about the Soldiers. Let them tell the story.

Submit an article for the site.

If you would like to publish an article here email it to the USAR Marksmanship Program Public Affairs.

Submit your article in a plain text file (.txt or .text) with no special formatting. Putting the article text within the body of your email also works. Double space (hit the Enter key twice) after each paragraph.

By submitting any material (articles, pictures, video, etc.) and including any links to pictures, video, etc., you are acknowledging that you have the copyright to distribute your work and are granting us permission to publish it.

Pictures, Video and other Files

Due to the large number of requests and limited space we are not able to host images or video for your article here, however, they still can be included.

If you would like to illustrate your article on this site with pictures, video and/or other files there are several ways to do it.

  • If your picture is already publicly available on the Web and you have the copyright to make it available on other sites, insert a link in your article where you want the picture to appear inside a HTML IMG tag with the full absolute URI. The tag will look something like this:

This also works if you first put pictures on Facebook and make them publicly available:

With Flikr, YouTube, Vimeo or Scribd there is no need to use HTML. Just include the complete URI to the picture or video you posted in the body of your article as plain text. No need to use any HTML tag, however, note the trailing slash (/) and include that. Double space (hit the Enter key twice) before and after each picture and/or video link. Some examples:

Training in marksmanship helps girls at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, Calif., develop into responsible women...

…. inserts this picture from Flikr above and,

… inserts this YouTube video.

… inserts this PDF file hosted on Scribd.