Public Affairs

U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program Public Affairs contact:

Download Rulebook, Course of Fire Book, Postal Match info, Event Template. This contains key details needed for marksmanship events in the Army Reserve and news about it:

See Public Affairs and Contact Information: USAR-Marksmanship-Contact-form for more information.

You don’t need to submit an article or even complete sentences. Just include the bullet point details indicated on this form along with a picture and caption. I’ll take it from there.

  • Copy this template into a shared document (Google Docs or similar). See the article in USAR-Marksmanship-Contact-form.
  • Make document shareable and distribute link to everyone involved.
  • Have all team/cadre add relevant information during the event.
  • Submit link to completed document to Public Affairs.

List of Major Commands in the U.S. Army Reserve:

Who was there? Identify key personnel by Rank, First Name, Last Name, Assigned Unit, and the Major Command they serve under. Identify units/commands involved at the event.
• Have team/cadre enter their own information in the shared document when the event starts.
• Add relevant trainee/participant/unit information during the event.

When did the event happen? Event dates
• Can be entered on the event start day.
Where did the event happen? Name of the military facility, range, and nearest city/state.
• Can be entered on the event start day.

Why were you there? Name the event, match, training/Mobile Training Team purpose, etc.
• Can be entered on the event start day.

What happened? List event accomplishments such as team and individual wins or noteworthy finishes, awards earned, units and number of personnel trained, etc.
• Add as it happens or during evening AAR/briefing.

Quotes. Include one or two quotes about the event. Include the person’s Rank, First Name, Last Name, Assigned Unit, and Major Command. Ideally, quote the NCOIC/OIC, Team member, Match director (if the event was a match), the leadership of unit(s) trained, trainees, etc.
• Add as it happens or during evening AAR/briefing.

Pictures. Include one or two high-resolution digital pictures from the event. Use a decent camera or cell phone
set on the highest image resolution setting.
Picture ideas:
• Photo of team members in attendance.
• Photo of team/individual awards or trophies.
• Action shot of Marksmanship Program personnel shooting or instructing.
• Action shot of personnel trained (MTT)

Captions for each photo. Identify each person in the photo (First Name, Last Name, Assigned Unit, Major Command) and what they’re doing in the picture.

Contact Information. Name and email address of:
• Unit leadership (commander, OIC, NCOIC, etc.)
• Higher (Battalion/Brigade) commanders
• Local Media: civilian and military news local to the range/training site and local to the unit HQ

Public Affairs Tips

  • Public Affairs people need detailed information on our events. Keep in mind that most of the PAOs and the readers don’t have a clue of what goes on at our competitions or what useful marksmanship training entails. Be very specific.
  • Let quotes tell the story. It keeps the reader interested.
  • Digital pictures need to be high resolution. Cell phone pictures work fine, please use the highest resolution/image size setting that you can.
  • Identify people by rank, first name, last name, and their assigned Major Command.
  • Remember to answer the who, what, when, where, and how.
  • Quotes, quotes, quotes. Cannot stress this enough. Make these articles about the Soldiers. Let them tell the story.