Service Rifle Updates

From SGT Friend.

We would like to congratulate the entire team for their performance during the President’s Trophy Match. We had 10 team members place in the top 100 with MSG Jerry Mullen receiving his Presidents Hundred Tab!

Next we would like to congratulate PFC Mowrer, LTC Paumier, and CPT Freeman who all made the top 20 shoot off! CPT Freeman finished 9th, LTC Paumier finished 12th and PFC Mowrer 20th. Great shooting.

On to the National Trophy Individual match where PFC Mowrer and MSG Mango placed 2nd and 3rd with scores of 496-16x and 495-20x, respectively. PFC Mowrer was the high Army competitor and will receive the Association of the U.S. Army Trophy and MSG Mango will receive the 25th Infantry Division Trophy as the high infantry soldier.

Today we had the Hearst Doubles team match where the team of CPT Freeman and SGT Friend were the high team for the ARMT finishing in 4th place. CPT Freeman was the 4th high individual with a score of 295-11x.

Currently, PFC Mowrer is in 1st place (tied in points leading by creedmoor rule) in the Mountain Man standings. Let us wish him luck going into the National Trophy Team Match tomorrow. Bring home the Mountain Man!

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