Maj. Urick at NRL Match

2021 National Rifle League Hunter, Buffalo Bill’s Revenge Precision Rifle Match:
DTG: 23-25 April, 2021 Laramie Wyoming

Match Overview:
120 competitors participated to test their skills in the Wyoming springtime conditions during a precision rifle event which mimicked hunting scenarios for various big and small game found throughout the West. At an elevation of 7400’ above sea level with winds gusting over 30+ mph, the match location was a true test of shooter abilities and equipment. Unlike most Precision Rifle matches, stages were “blind” where as each shooter had no preview of the 19 stages and had to locate, correctly range and engage multiple targets out to 800+ yds. The difficulty level of this style match is extreme, targets often small and hidden within the natural terrain, difficult shooting positions using natural terrain, and a 4 minute stage time limit is a true test of a shooter’s abilities. There were a total of 152 possible points to shoot a clean match. Average overall score for this match was a 79. The overall top score was 134 points.
MAJ Grant Urick, took 1st Place in the Light Open division (rifle, optic, and attachments must weigh under 12 lbs) and tied for 1st overall with 134 out of a possible 152 points. This style of rifle match tested the true potential of a well rounded marksman in tough field conditions.


Placed 1st Overall and 1st Place in Light Open Division
Qualified to attend National Rifle League Hunter Finale in Grande Junction, CO (AUG 2-8, 2021)
Represents the USARCMP Combat Team while competing in Precision Rifle matches
Use lessons learned for civilian marksmanship competitions to increase unit readiness and lethality

Event Outputs:
The largest NRL Hunter match of the year, this event built upon knowledge of equipment use and fundamentals. The NRL Hunter matches are designed to keep shooters outside their comfort zone and forces them to manage their time, equipment, marksmanship abilities, and target locating skills unlike any Precision Rifle competition. Lessons from civilian marksmanship competitions and the 2021 US Army Small Arms Competition will allow MAJ Urick to lead marksmanship instruction at his unit to improve upon unit readiness and marksmanship.

One comment on “Maj. Urick at NRL Match

  1. Joe Silvia says:

    Now that is a pure shooting skills competition in the truest sense!
    Sincere congratulations

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