2012 Interservice Pistol Championship Matches

The USAR Service Pistol Team made a strong showing at the 2012 Interservice Pistol Championship Matches. Team members competing were:

  • MSG Rob Mango
  • SFC Keith Sanderson
  • SFC Stephen Spencer
  • SSG John Rosene
  • SSG Stan Hayes, Coach
  • CPT Tom Bourne, Team Captain

USAR Black was second in the .45 Cal. Team Championship and third in the .22 and CenterFire Team Championship matches.

SFC Sanderson won the .45 National Match Course with a 299×17 (out of a possible 300 points), took second in the Centerfire Individual Championship and third in the .45 Cal. Individual Championship. SFC Sanderson is also preparing for London as he is also on the US Olympic Shooting Team.



4 comments on “2012 Interservice Pistol Championship Matches

  1. Rob Mango says:

    I didn’t realize we had a FB page till just now.

  2. Shhh! It’s a secret. :)

  3. Helmut Hein says:

    Glad to see that some of you are still getting to the matches and doing well. Congratulations.
    – Helmut Hein

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